Saturday, April 17, 2021

QSL from W.I.L. 6070 khz


E-QSL W.I.L. (via Channel 292), 6070 khz, 21.03.2021, 1 day,
e-mail: differentradio @

Friday, April 16, 2021

QSL from Radio Waves International 3955 khz


QSL Radio Waves International (via Channel 292), 3955 khz, 28.02.2021, 21 days,
e-mail: rwaves @

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

QSL from RBU Time signal 66.6 khz


RBU Time signal (Russian), 66.6 khz, 26.02.2021, 25 days,
e-mail: gsvch @, office @

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

QSL from Radio Welle 370 5960 khz


Radio Welle 370 (Austria), 5960 khz, 22.12.2020, 78 days,
e-mail: welle370 @

Friday, April 9, 2021

NEW IN BLOG: QSL from Trans World Radio, Radio Andorra tribute broadcast on 12th April '21

QSL from Trans World Radio 9380 khz

Radio Andorra tribute broadcast on 12th April '21

Radio Andorra tribute broadcast on 12th April '21

Special program announcement:
As some of you know, the legendary Radio Andorra was taken off the air these days 40 years ago in 1981 by the government. Some programs that were prepared couldn't be aired, most of the material is lost. Luckily, the playlist of the last planned hit-parade from April, 12th 1981 survived, thus it was never broadcasted. 40 years later this will finally be done.
Next Monday, April, 12th 2021 at 17 UTC, exact 40 years later we will complete history. The show will be hosted by a DJ that started his career in Radio Andorra end of the 1970s. The program will be in French and broadcasted via Moosbrunn on a steerable LogPer Antenna directed at 270° towards the centre of France. All French-speaking countries in Europe should be covered in good quality.
Date: 12.04.2021
Time: 1700 UTC until 20 or 21 UTC (depending on some extra features we try to prepare next days)
Frequency: 6180 kHz
Power: 100kW

QSL from Trans World Radio 9380 khz


Trans World Radio(Eswatini), 9380 khz, 04.03.2021, 3 days, e-mail: lstavrop @